Wimdu Host Insurance

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We want our guests and hosts to have a truly carefree and satisfying Wimdu experience. That's why we provide comprehensive insurance which benefits both guests and hosts. Every guest who books accommodation on Wimdu is automatically insured against damages they (or a guest accompanying them) may cause to rented property. This way we can protect hosts and guests, in cooperation with our well-established insurance partner.

  • Your property is insured for up to €500,000 worth of damage

  • Legal claim to payment in case of damage

    Wimdu insurance is much more than just voluntary protection. It was developed specifically for Wimdu, and provides a real security guarantee of up to €500,000. It is within the framework of the coverage and the terms of host protection that, should a claim be made, the guest is covered by comprehensive insurance that can compensate for these damages.

  • The insurance is 100% free

  • Professional claims management

    Every case of damage will be dealt with by an allocated professional team that will help to ensure a smooth conclusion. Additionally, in such cases, every host will be assigned a Wimdu contact until all needed information is collected and the case can be hand over directly to our insurance company

  • It is the first real insurance for private apartment rentals

  • Reputable insurer

    Our insurance policy was developed in coordination with an established authority and leading insurance company in the field of customized insurance concepts, and in an insurance market based on the needs of our host.


The Wimdu Insurance is a free service that we provide for our hosts. It covers property damage inflicted by the guest or additional guests in cases where the guest does not have their own insurance to cover the damages. The insurance covers damages above a value of €150. Any claims below that threshold need to be resolved between the guest and the host directly. See our hosting and traveling tips for further information and advice.


What should I do if my property is damaged by a guest?

  1. Try to work something out with the guest directly. Determine whether the guest has an insurance that can cover the damages inflicted.
  2. If this is unsuccessful within a week after the damage was done, send an email to [email protected] and we will contact the guest. Please contact us at the latest 10 days after the damage was done.
  3. After reviewing the case we will contact you to guide and assist you through the rest of the process.

What should I do if damage is incurred?

  1. Discuss the issue with your host. Register the damage with your insurer and determine whether you are covered for the damages.
  2. If this is unsuccessful, send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will get in contact with the host. Please contact us at the latest 10 days after the damage was done.
  3. After reviewing the case we will contact you to guide and assist you through the rest of the process.
What type of damage is covered by this insurance?
Damages to the rented space caused by the guest
Damages to household effects
Fire damage
Maximum damage cover: €500,000
In which countries does this insurance apply?
This insurance applies worldwide with the exception of the USA and Canada .
In the future, this coverage will be extended to hosts in other countries.

Hosting Tips

Share great experiences with your Wimdu guests. Get to know each other and perhaps even create an international friendship. We work hard to ensure that renting your place is hassle-free. For an ideal Wimdu experience, have a look at our tips:

Inform your guests and create the perfect offer.

Accurately describe your room

Use the title, the description and the house rules to give your potential guests an accurate idea of what they can expect from the room and how they are expected to conduct themselves while in your apartment. This is an opportunity for you to make your accommodation stand out, as well as to let your guests know what you expect from them. Last, but not least - a picture is worth a thousand words. If you don't have any appropriate pictures, ask us and we can send a photographer to help you.

Details & Conditions

In the house rules you can inform your guests if you want them to submit a deposit, which is a good way to protect yourself against most damages. You could also set a cleaning fee that contains maintenance costs. Finally, you can choose between three different types of cancellation policies. All of this information is made available to guests before they book.

Your Own Insurance

The Wimdu insurance covers you for the majority of damages incurred by guests. We invite you to have your own insurance as additional coverage. Policies vary, but in general additional insurance is not difficult to arrange.

You get to choose your guests.

Read your guest's profile

Check out your potential guests' profiles to learn more about them. If the guest has used Wimdu before they are likely to have a rating from another host, and this can help you evaluate your guest. Otherwise, you can learn more about the guest by reading their profile statement and viewing their latest activities.

Ask your guest questions

Prior to your final confirmation, you can get in contact with the guest via the Wimdu Messaging System. You can ask them about things such as the purpose of their trip, where they are from and the number of additional guests. This way you can get to know your guest before they arrive.

Accept trustworthy guests

If you have any suspicions or reservations about the guest based on your communication with them, then of course you are not required to accept the booking. Should, prior to confirmation, the guest try to provide you with a private email or phone number, please notify customer service and ignore any further communication from the guest.

Welcome your guests - prepare your accommodation for their arrival

Prepare your room

Before your guest arrives ensure that your valuables are not too easily accessible. Things such as leaving money on the countertop and jewelry lying in the bathroom should be avoided. Similarly, valuable documents should be kept secure.

Be there when your guest arrives

We advise you to greet your guest at the apartment and hand over the keys personally. You can get a good impression of your guest while you show them around the place and make them aware of details that are important to you or things that might need special explanation or consideration. You could make clear that this is a home and that the guest(s) should treat your home as if it was their own.

Put important information in writing

Communicating how you would like your guests to conduct themselves in your place is very important. Write down your house rules and leave them in the guest's room for them. Also, you can write down your guest's information (e.g. passport number), should you have to identify them later for any reason.

Traveling Tips

Share great experiences with your Wimdu hosts. Get to know each other and perhaps even create an international friendship. We work hard to ensure a hassle-free renting experience. To make the most of Wimdu, have a look at our tips:

Introduce yourself - complete your Wimdu profile.

Tell us about yourself

Wimdu hosts often want to know who is going to stay with them. Therefore, you should use the opportunity presented to you by your Wimdu profile to tell people about yourself. Write about where you are from, why you enjoy traveling, what your hobbies are and which languages you speak. Sharing these things ahead of time can help make your stay much more personal.

Use your network

If you already have a Facebook account, with a single click you can connect to Wimdu via Facebook. This can make maintaining your Wimdu profile much easier, plus you can see which of your friends have already used Wimdu.

Post a picture of yourself

A picture added to your Wimdu profile is the perfect final touch. Communication with your host will be more pleasant and comfortable if you can put a face to the contact. This can create a fun and friendly atmosphere before your arrival.

Plan your trip - pick a place to stay.

Check who you're staying with

Look at your host's Wimdu profile. Here you can see if you have any common ground, and find out if you even speak the same language. Through Wimdu's messaging system you can ask questions and clear up a lot of potential issues before you arrive.

Double check the details of the offer

The pictures allow you to see a lot of what you can expect, but make sure that you spend some time looking at the house rules once you've checked out the description of the room. This way you can be sure that this is really the right accommodation for you. The reviews of former guests can also be a valuable indication of the quality of the host and their apartment offer.

Use Wimdu

Wimdu verifies the validity and quality of every host we list. We deal with the payment from you to the host and the transmission of accommodation information. Should a host attempt to work with you outside of Wimdu, please report the incident to our service team.

Enjoy your stay - act appropriately.

Take a good look at the room

Wimdu sends the money on to the host only 24 hours after your scheduled arrival. If anything is not in order or not in accordance with what was expected, please inform us immediately so we can work towards a solution. If anything in the apartment is damaged, make sure to document this with pictures to ensure that you are not held responsible.

Discuss everything with your host

Allow your host to give you a detailed tour of the accommodation when they hand over the keys. Now is your time to ask questions and get to know the host better. You may even get some insider tips from your host about the town you are staying in. So enjoy your trip and travel like a local!

Give your host a review

Once your trip is complete, you should use the opportunity to write a review about your host. In this way you can not only offer suggestions for improvement or thank your guest for your experience, but also reassure future guests that your host is a good one.